fox kit


here is a fox kit – around 3 months old. if you look in the grass, you can see his little cast. he broke his leg so he is with my friend’s wildlife rehab facility. he expected to make a full recovery and be released once he does!


they’re coming…


kittens are coming…. in droves.

here is a kitten that was rescued by a Trap Neuter and Return group. we work with them to rehome kittens and friendly strays that would do better living inside. otherwise, the rest of the feral kitties are returned to their colony and continue to get support from the community caregiver. we heart TNR.

intersexed kitten


we got in a rare gem of a kitten this weekend. this little kitten has the colors of a tortie, but has a penis – which means he is intersexed! he was born with both boy and girl parts. typically, the boy parts don’t work and he is sterile. we are trying to come up with an excellent androgynous name for him/her. our shelter manager has never seen one in 25 years of service. pretty cool, huh?

male coyote pup 1


my close friend is wildlife rehabber. this little man lost his mom and now he’s being raised by humans. don’t worry. he has an older puppy from a different mother who can teach this little guy how to be a coyote.

i have to say this was the first time i had ever really looked a coyote over… they have enlarged joints (look has his ankles and wrists) and quite a boxy little face. we woke this little man up to snap a picture (i’m helping her with marketing material to get fundraising for her non-profit) and he got very cranky about all of the photography.



don’t be fooled by this sweet little face. this kitten can bring IT. she is the only kitten to survive her litter, thus she is bratty. when kittens don’t have their litter-mates to teach them about not biting or attacking, they do it all the time. so, we  have had many families want stitch but we have turned them down. she needs to be adults-only household. she should even be the only cat! we tried introducing her to other kitties and she would attack them relentlessly. she is going to need an experienced owner who can work with her to say biting does not get attention.

wildlife: raccoon


i was able to crawl inside their outdoor pen to take photos. this one raccoon came out to pose for me… 3 feet away. there were several raccoons in the pen, but only this one came can see how fat he is! they want to release them when they are nice and fat so they have some time to get used to their new lifestyle in the wild. again, these guys were born too late in the summer to be released, so they wintered at the rescue.

wildlife: bobcat


i am volunteering at a wildlife rescue and got this picture of little miss bobcat. she is due to be released back in the wild in two to three weeks – depending on the weather. she is nice and fat and ready to be on her own! i was in amazement at how beautiful she was… she originally came to the rescue because she was a late birth and mom was hit by a  car. so she wintered at the rescue.



creamy ferret delights! here is ruby who i woke up from her nap. if you know anything about ferrets – you know they love to nap. ruby is here with her sister sapphire. they pretty much sleep all day. their only activity is changing sleep locations: hammock, sleeping bag, or tunnel.

at the shelter, we call ferrets “FOREVER KITTENS” because of their kitten-like personalities. these two sister are lovely.