three chatty cats

Three Chatty Cats was nominated for the Liebster Award. Let’s give this lady some credit for doing what she does. We all need those moments. I guess I fill out these questions too:

  1. How many pets have you had in your life? Too many. I count all the shelter animals that I have loved and paid extra attention too as my own. I dote on them to the point of annoyance.
  2. What is the farthest place from home you’ve traveled? In my 30’s I went to Russia. It was a mind-altering experience. The heart of communist Russia is very, very different from being an American.
  3. Do you prefer coffee or tea? Coffee. Although, tea ain’t bad either.
  4. When did you start your blog?­ Very recently. 2016.
  5. Why did you start your blog? Because the public view of shelter animals seems very negative. I wanted an opportunity to show off the animals as so much more. Their photos show meaning, intent, longing, beauty.
  6. What is your favorite snack food? I love muenster cheese. Too much. A moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips.
  7. What is your social media of choice (if any)? I am a Facebook user. I enjoy all of the social media outlets, but Facebook is always first on my tabs.
  8. What house of Hogwarts would you be sorted into? I have absolutely no idea.
  9. What’s your favorite season and why? Where I live in Massachusetts is the most beautiful fall foliage ever. It is breath-taking every year.
  10. What’s the last movie you saw or book you read? I love movies and I love books. Right now I am reading Veterinary Forensics by Melinda Merck. It is a gruesome book, but I am working on doing some research on the correlation between juvenile offenders and animals abuse.



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