2 y.o. male. shy.
he was found at a fire station covered in motor oil.
brought in by the animal control officer.
we had him a bath to get the oil off – now he’s beautiful again.


11 thoughts on “blaze

  1. such a beauty. I don’t understand a mind that could cover an animal in motor oil, especially one as pretty as that. I’ll prefer to think that it made a wrong jump and landed in motor oil, rather than being placed there.

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  2. very beautiful.

    Fyi, your font choice makes it very hard to read the post on your blog. It is too small and the color choice is not enough of a contrast with the background. I actually read your posts on feedly, so I know what you have said, but I thought I’d share my feedback with you.

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    • Good to know. I will look into another theme. the themes are super overwhelming to choose from I just was thinking the photography on the black background popped – but I totally see about the font. HMMMMM. Thanks for the feedback! OXOX


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