yesterday we received a transport of southern dogs for adoption. transporting is very controversial in the shelter community. many people are against it because it can earn income for the shelter, the dogs may bring southern diseases up north as well as some other concerns. recently, our shelter decided to start transporting with the idea that we become role models for doing it correctly. in the end, for me personally, it is about saving more lives. i believe responsible transporting is an amazing opportunity to rehome animals that would easily be euthanized because of overcrowding.
this little ticket was so sweet! i am so happy i captured the wonderful moment of her giving kisses to my coworker.


8 thoughts on “transport

    • There is a lot of discussion about transporting cats – which is a new field Typically it has been on the dog side, but now some areas are discovering a deficit in felines to adopt. I think both are still rather controversial.


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