shelter medicine


here is one of 6 kittens that were found on the side of the road. a nice person brought them into our shelter and now they are about to go into foster care. before we do, we want to check and make sure everyone is healthy. each kitten gets their blood drawn. this is usually done on the back leg. you can notice that the person on the right has their pinkie finger straight. we do that to create a tourniquet for the vein. we use baby needles because they are so little. it can be very tricky and delicate work. the blood drawing person (left side), says she always holds her breath when drawing blood. by the end of a litter, her face is red and she’s sweating from doing so!


next up, is a weight. kittens are weighed quite regularly. this is because they are super fragile. they often have bellies full of worms, which they get from mom’s milk. when you deworm them, they can drop some weight because they lost the worms. monitoring weight is the lifeline for kittens. it is the first marker something is going horribly wrong.


if you have ever met a kitten, you know they have needle nails! before they go into foster care, we always trim them. it takes a person with good eye sight and a steady hand to do this job. this little tiger girl is making it look easy!

when you adopt from a shelter, make sure the shelter has done the following:
1st Feline FVRCP
Rabies Vaccine
Leukemia, Heartworm and FIV Screening
Flea Control
Worm Control
and of course, spay and neuter!


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