monique was adopted out and then returned to us several months later. during the course of the surrender we found out the owner had locked her in a single room and she was often terrorized by the other established pets in the house. she came back with several scars on her nose and missing quite a bit of fur on her hind end (a sign of stress).

we blacklist.

it is not to say we scold or yell or shame the person who did this. it is only to say that we do not ever allow them to take another animal from us. we also share the terms of the surrender with interested authorities.

monique is doing better. her nose is healing and fur has already begun to regrow.


9 thoughts on “blacklist

  1. Poor Kitty, I’m so glad that she is back in a safe environment where she can heal! Thank you for blacklisting that soulless person or persons who did this! They are not fit to care for a piece of lint.

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