michael brown


i took my camera home this weekend and got this photo of my Mike sitting in the cat bed. he is the total essence of a mama’s boy. he follows me around endlessly when i am home. of course, he is a shelter dog. he was brought up from staten island, ny from a hoarding case by the aspca. the house had 75 dogs in it kept in crates, then the house caught fire. now Mike is chilling with me and his sister, Lily, and the two cats. Mike things the young cat is a dick and the old cat is a good butt warmer. my vet and i guess he is about 13 years old. he is a symphony of health problems: 3 teeth, hernia, arthritis, heart murmur, luxating patellas in both knees, and retinal degeneration in his eyes. i fucking love him. he’s my own personal disaster and i love him. when i am home, i am smothering him with as much love as i can muster. recently, he has developed a lump on his throat. the vet said it was just a fatty little benign tumor. as a mom, i try not to think about it too much. the fact is if it is cancer, there isn’t anything i can do for him. he can’t go under anesthesia because of his heart murmur and i refuse to let him suffer through chemo. so every day, i just love him knowing one day he will tell me when he’s ready.


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