ladies night

WARNING: Graphic images below. Do not look if you can not handle surgical imagery.

I couldn’t post an “after” picture because this cuties has already been adopted! YAY!


Allow me to explain the picture. The red stuff is IODINE to surgically sterilize her abdomen. this is done several times, as you want everything clean! her back legs are tied down because if she were to “come to” mid-surgery, she could really hurt herself. her front legs are taped with masking tape to be by her head. Again, this is done for restraint, but also to have a good sight of the mid-line. The mid-line on a cat is it’s belly button. females are intubated – like you see in ER and medical shows – because they are cutting into the abdomen. males usually do not have to have this done.


i wanted to show you this picture for the “spay hook”. you see it in the foreground. this hook is used to snag the uterine horn. that’s the piece in the doctor’s hand. i find it fascinating that they used a hook to do this job, but they do it to keep the incision size very small – thus recovery very short.


Here is a clear picture of the uterine horn. at the top there is a clamp, and that is the ovary. all of this will be removed. spays are especially good for females, as they can be prone to cancer with their parts intact.


most shelter use GLUE to seal the last layer of skin. so there are several layers of skin… the fatty layer is sutured with dissolve-able stitches. this top layer is used with glue. have you ever tried getting stitches out of a cat? not fun. glue makes this not necessary. stitches also can itch – cause the cat to lick the wound and possibly infect it. with glue, you don’t need to worry about that as much.

these are just some of my photos, but I wanted to write about what happens. overall, it was so cool to watch this happen. it was a real privilege!


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