happy sunday. this 12 year old girlie acts like a kitten still. sadly, she’s been at the shelter for several months now still waiting for her new family. won’t you send her some good ju-ju?


10 thoughts on “tabitha

  1. Yes, “Tabitha” is waiting for a long time to be adopted, but being a Black Cat, many people still harbor medieval superstitions about BLK Cats and witchcraft. Warn her Caregivers NOT TO ADOPT HER OUT IN OCTOBER unless they do a THOROUGH CHECK on the person or persons. Foothills Humane Society in the SC “upstate,” does NOT adopt out ANY BLACK CATS thru October, for their own safety.

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  2. it has been disproven that cats are less likely to be adopted because they are black… it just feels that way because there are so many more black animals in general. People who will harm black cats rarely want to go through the adoption process of a shelter system. They are much more likely to steal one wandering down the street or get one off craigslist

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