unnamed puppy


i pretty  much hate craigslist. so many animals are bought and sold through that website without care or worry for the animal’s welfare. ‘unnamed puppy’ is just another case in a long line of maltreatment. this puppy was brought to us because the daughter bought it on craigslist. CLEARLY the puppy is too young and never should have been taken from it’s mom. we guessed the puppy’s age to be around 3 to 4 weeks. puppy’s should stay with mom, ideally, until 8 weeks of age. next they lied. they said, “it was 1 of 15 puppies in a litter from a chihuahua mix mom.” no chihuahua mix has EVER birthed 15 puppies – it would die. at this age, it is difficult to tell but our suspicion is that it is a pitbull mix. it will be easier to confirm/deny as it ages.

this little girl was only with us for 8 hours before we got her directly into foster care. i managed to snap a bottle feeding picture. she’s does have big bright beautiful eyes, and looks very healthy.

please do not ever purchase animals or try and sell animals on craigslist. it is such a red flag for so many reasons. peace.


7 thoughts on “unnamed puppy

  1. coworker was just discussing her puppy and “I got her when she was just 2 weeks old” and it took all my strength to bite my tongue about buying a 2-wk old puppy!!

    glad this baby got to foster care!

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  2. Thank you so much for the advice! Seriously. I am graduating college soon and probably the single most exciting thing is the idea that I can finally get a furry companion. I’ve been looking for local pets through pet search engines, and my sister suggested I look on craigslist because it’s cheapest. However after this post, and a little of my own research, it became obvious that shelter or rescue dogs can be just as inexpensive, and they are also spayed and neutered and up to date with all of their shots. Which brings me to another thought, that there are always shelter pets who have not been trained properly and that’s always a fear. There’s a lot to be said about pet ownership!

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