blue is a great kitten. unfortunately this little man is FIV+. he is only 8 weeks old and we’re looking for a very responsible household to adopt him. with modern medicine, he can live a great life but he will need regular checkups. he was a little startled by the sound of the camera, but i think this pictures captures his complete innocence. i love him. he is a shmitten!


5 thoughts on “blue

  1. a local rescue group got one of their kittens into a experimental FIV treatment program and it seems to have worked. I hope a cure is available soon.
    this baby is a cutie!


    • No shit!!! wow. I guess it helps to be near a major city with lots of universities. We’re in the sticks here. Tufts is like 2.5 hours away. I hope we see in our lifetime a vaccine for FIV and leukemia. That would be aces.


      • the kitty I know about was at UC Davis, or an affiliate of it (in nor Cal… about 5 people were involved in getting the kitten there). sounds like their program is having a LOT of success!

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