don’t be fooled by this sweet little face. this kitten can bring IT. she is the only kitten to survive her litter, thus she is bratty. when kittens don’t have their litter-mates to teach them about not biting or attacking, they do it all the time. so, we  have had many families want stitch but we have turned them down. she needs to be adults-only household. she should even be the only cat! we tried introducing her to other kitties and she would attack them relentlessly. she is going to need an experienced owner who can work with her to say biting does not get attention.


6 thoughts on “stitch

  1. lol… PCB was that way. She’s still a vicious thing but I’ve toned her down a LOT and now she at least gives warnings… but she still terrorizes the other cats when she’s “in a mood”.

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