they’re coming…


kittens are coming…. in droves.

here is a kitten that was rescued by a Trap Neuter and Return group. we work with them to rehome kittens and friendly strays that would do better living inside. otherwise, the rest of the feral kitties are returned to their colony and continue to get support from the community caregiver. we heart TNR.


2 thoughts on “they’re coming…

  1. it’s taking all my strength not to offer to foster… my sprayer and terrorist cats are more than enough (and I’m hoping to TNO [trap neuter own] a tom that’s been hanging around. i saw a posting of a baby male, all black, maybe blind, severely sick kitten and wanted to scream I’LL TAKE HIM… as I did with my first fur babies. but i have other things to consider now, and have lost 4 cats & 1 rescue kitten in the last 1.5 yrs so I must refrain. for now.


  2. i helped with some TNR tonight.VERY frustrated that I couldn’t catch the little kitten from the litter that’s already been T & N’d (being released tomorrow)… we were really bonding but another woman in the group felt she knew more than me and I deferred to her, even though I knew she was wrong. there’s only so much one can do.


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