they’re coming…

kittens are coming…. in droves. here is a kitten that was rescued by a Trap Neuter and Return group. we work with them to rehome kittens and friendly strays that would do better living inside. otherwise, the rest of the feral kitties are returned to their colony and continue to get support from the community […]


blue is a great kitten. unfortunately this little man is FIV+. he is only 8 weeks old and we’re looking for a very responsible household to adopt him. with modern medicine, he can live a great life but he will need regular checkups. he was a little startled by the sound of the camera, but […]


marsha is part of our Brady Bunch litter. her and her siblings came in somewhat feral. we have this wonderful volunteer who coaxes the kittens into realizing that humans are pretty awesome. her secret ingredient is baby food on the finger tips! obviously marsha was named because of her perfect and beautiful hair. 😉