purple eyes

this was one of our tupper wear kittens. they were dropped off in the middle of the night in a sealed tupper wear container. no air holes. don’t worry. they all were adopted and healthy as can be! i wanted to apologize for being absent the last month. there was a family death and that […]

michael brown

i took my camera home this weekend and got this photo of my Mike sitting in the cat bed. he is the total essence of a mama’s boy. he follows me around endlessly when i am home. of course, he is a shelter dog. he was brought up from staten island, ny from a hoarding […]


i went to maine for a long weekend. i managed to stalk several seagulls and got this picture. he was rather unpleased with me. seagulls are quite entertaining. they will steal your food if you leave it alone too long on the beach. they are total thieves. i saw one stealing a bag of doritos. […]